Thawe Durga Temple Story

The story of the establishment of Thave Durga Temple is quite interesting. Raja Manan Singh of Chero dynasty considered he a great devotee of Mother Durga, when suddenly there was a famine in that king's kingdom. At the same time there was a devotee of Mata Rani Rahashu in Thawe. Rice started coming out after Rahashu gave rosemary to Pater from the tiger. This was the reason that the people there started getting grains to eat. This matter reached the king but the king could not believe it. The king turned against Rahashu and started calling him a hypocrite and asked Rahashu to call his mother here. On this Rahashu told the king that if the mother came here, she would ruin the kingdom but the king did not agree.On the call of Rahashu Bhagat, Devi Maa walked from Kamakhya and reached the Thawe of Gopalganj via Patna and Saran. Rahashu Bhagat's head exploded and Maa Bhavani's hand appeared in front of her. Rahashu Bhagat attained salvation when the mother appeared. At the same time, everything of the arrogant King Manan Singh ended with the light of Maa Thawe.

According to another legend, King Yuvraj Shahi Bahadur of Hathua established the Thawe Durga temple in the year 1714 when he was returning to Hathua with his army after losing the battle for the tenth time to the Zamindar of Champaran, Kabul Mohammad Barharia. Meanwhile, while resting under a huge tree in Thave forest, he suddenly saw Maa Durga in a dream.According to the facts in the dream, the king conquered Kabul by attacking Mohammad Barhariya and took Kalyanpur, Hussepur, Selari, Bhelari, Turkaha and Bhurkaha under his rule. After winning the victory, the king excavated that tree four steps to the north, where the idol of Durga was found ten feet below and the temple was established there.