Dhurna kund

The one Place, which puts Gopalganj on the one of the most visited places, is known as “Dhurna kund”. This place has always been the one, which creates a lot of inquisitiveness among the visitors, as well as it gives a lot of pleasure too.

Dhurna kund is one of the best tourist attractions of Gopalganj District .Dhurna kund is Situated about 20 km from Bhore town is an ancient Shiv Temple located right in the middle of river Khanua. Devotees have to reach the temple by boat. Another place of tourist importance is Amya in Kateya block, about 85 km from Gopalganj. Lord Buddha had stayed here while he was on the way to Kushinagar after getting enlightenment.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees have to reach the temple by boat. Every year the Bengali month of Sraban here celebrated Mahashivratri by the locals and the devotees from other places.Whatever be the nature of this and

scientific exploration, it draws the attraction of foreign travellers and very briefly it is a curious phenomenon. On all accounts, it is a must watch Near Gopalganj.