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Morning 5 Am Evening 8 Pm

Mata ka Bhog Rag

12:30 After Noon

Mandir Open Timming

Morning 4 Am to Evening 9 Pm

Rest Time

12:30 to 2:30 In Noon

Thawe Mata Mandir

In Thawe block there is an old temple dedicated to Goddess Durga popularly known as “Thawe wali Mata”. It is believed that “Thawe wali Mata” fulfill the wishes of her devotees. This temple is also famous for a peculiar tree, the botanical family of which has not yet been identified. The tree has grown up like the cross. Various legends are prevalent in connection with the idol and the tree. A big fair is annually held here in the month of Chaitra (March -April).

Thawe Mandir, the Temple of Maa Thawewali is situated in Thawe, in Gopalganj District in the State of Bihar, India. It is only 6 km from Gopalganj town on the Gopalganj-Siwan National Highway.

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सिंहासनी भवानी माँ थावेवाली की आरती

ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी काटे संकट देवे करू, होवे पूर्ण मंशा मन-मानी कतरा घास के धान बनावें, रहशु जी जब ध्यान लगावें सात बाघ दायें झरे चावल, शक्ति सबने माँ की जानी ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी ||

कामख्या, आमी, घोड़ाघाट, सात जगह को अपनी माँ मस्तक फाड़ी निकाली हाथ, भक्त रहषु जी की बनी कहानी ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी ||

मन चाहा फल पावे, जब मन-मुख बोले माँ की बानी ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी

लीजे हर संकट हमार, कीजै मईया स्वपन साकार सबकी झोली भरने वाली, हे मईया देवी दानी ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी ||

आप जहाँ वहाँ प्रकाश, स्वीकारो पूजा हे महारानी ॐ जय माँ थावेवाली सुमिरौ जो सिंहासनी भवानी ||

—:जय माँ थावेवाली:—

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Vaahan Pooja

  • Four Wheeler Pooja - 101
  • Two Wheeler Pooja - 51
  • Six Wheeler Pooja – 251
  • Ten Wheeler Pooja – 251
  • Long vehicle - 501

You Can Book Vaahan Pooja At Thawe Mata Mandir On Which Date You Want By Online And Offline Mode.You Can Also Select the Time of Pooja.

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Shadi Vivah

Hindu marriage/vivah/wedding joins 2 people forever, so they will pursue Dharma, artha, Kama, and moksha along. In Hinduism,wedding is followed by traditional rituals for consummation.

Booking Amount : - 151

You Can Book Shadi Vivah At Thawe Mata Mandir On Which Date You Want By Online And Offline Mode.

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Mundan / Khashi Bali

A Mundan Ceremony is a function in which a child’s hair is shaven off for the first time. It is done as soon as the child turns one or can also be done until seven years of age. It is believed that the hair along with which a child takes birth consists of the evil eye or evil wards from the previous birth cycle of a child.

Booking Amount :- 51

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History Of Thawe Mata Mandir

How to Get There


By Rail

There is a very good railway network that connects “Thawe” to the different parts of the state and other cities of our country. The nearest railway junction Siwan is directly connected to the four metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. This is also well connected to other city of our country. Gorakhpur and Patna the major rail heads are also directly connected to “Thawe” via Siwan & Chapra.


By Road

There is a good road network in the state that connects different places within state along with other parts of the country. Many National Highways pass through the state. Regular Bus and Taxi services are available from major cities of Bihar and East Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi etc.) throughout the day. From Capital of Bihar you can take Bus and Taxi for Gopalganj and from there many taxi,Tapoo and local transport available for Thawe mandir.


By Air

Patna the Capital City of Bihar, is well connected to different cities of the country through regular flights. From Patna very good Rail and Road transport facility is available to reach the Maa’s Temple.

Place To visit Near

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